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Because each case is unique, we recommend that you call us and speak to a private investigator about your situation in order to better assess which type of investigation would work best for you. The call is toll free and the consultation is strictly confidential. Each case is conducted by professional investigators who are experts on how to get the information or evidence you need quickly and accurately. We have investigators ready to serve you in Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Tampa and everywhere in between.


Florida Private Investigators specializes in cheating spouse investigations. We understand how delicate these types of investigations are to those involved and it is our ultimate purpose to provide our clients with answers to the questions that they have. It is not our goal to ruin somebody's marriage. For a cheating spouse investigation, our primary focus is get to the truth - whatever that happens to be.

Dick Dwyer is the Owner and Chief Investigator with over 40 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Private Investigations. Over the past 27 years, our investigators have conducted over 10,000 surveillance investigations


Do You Want To Obtain Custody? Are you dealing with an un-cooperative ex-spouse? We Can Help! Often in child custody and divorce matters, the one who wins is the one that has hired a private investigator to "get the evidence".

The information you compile today could mean the difference in how your case turns out. Once the opportunity is gone, it is gone forever.

Florida Investigators conducts background investigations that fill the void with vital factual information. Florida Investigators provides fast and accurate information, critical to your decisions.

  • Our investigation focus on:
  • Criminal
  • Civil Matters
  • Marital Cases
  • Child Custody
  • Financial
  • Morality Issues
  • Infidelity
  • Employment
  • Theft Cases
  • Divorce

Background and Employee Investigation

Complete background investigations, including criminal and civil information. Judgments, lawsuits, where they live, work, and much more.

Employee Screening. Is the person you are hiring who they say they are? Have they ever been convicted of a crime? Are they a thief? What does their driving record look like? Do they have the educational background that they claim?
Let us find out for you!

Where Is The Money? You Need To Find It!

So You Are Splitting Up! Where is the money? Are there hidden bank accounts, locally or off-shore? Do they own real estate that you do not know about? Are they claiming they have no job and no income? When searching for bank accounts, we comply with all state and federal regulations when searching and obtaining this information.

We Will Find Out For You...let's surprise them in court with the truth!


Whether it is cheating spouses, insurance fraud, workers compensation claims, bodily injury, medical malpractice or employee theft, there is no better way to document the true facts than irrefutable video and photographic evidence.

Coupled with our extensive experience, our surveillance specialists are highly trained in the use of the latest, high tech, state of the art, covert surveillance systems. Our vast array of equipment ranges from standard 35mm cameras, to miniature, virtually undetectable, high definition digital and video cameras hidden inside everyday items such as wrist watches, pagers and articles of clothing which we use alongside body-worn DVR's to allow us to get the evidence you need, even in indoor and previously problematic situations. We also utilize advanced systems such as infra-red night vision equipment and powerful zoom lenses for documenting activity from great distances or under the cover of darkness.

Private Investigators have the ability to watch your spouse, monitor who they are with, where they go and what they do, discreetly and confidentially. We can do this through surveillance, utilization of vehicle tracking devices and providing you with software to monitor e-mail, chat room discussions and internet activity.

Whatever your surveillance needs, we can provide it and get you the evidence you need to undeniably prove your suspicions!
  • Workers Compensation Claims.
  • Cheating Spouses.
  • Insurance Fraud.
  • Employee Theft.
  • Bodily Injury Cases.
  • Medical Malpractice Suits.
  • Family Law Matters.
  • Industrial Espionage...
Your video will be delivered via DVD. If you feel we can be of service, please call or email us for a free consultation or fill out our Online Case Assignment form. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the surveillance services that will best suit your needs.

Video Surveillance

"Do You Know Where Your Mate Is? We Will Find Out For You!"

Video Surveillance of where he or she is going. If you have doubts, find out the truth. We will find out who he or she is seeing, where and when. Surveillances are conducted with one to four investigators, each utilizing their own vehicles and two-way communications. Most surveillances can be conducted with one investigator and one vehicle depending on the complexity of the case. We use high quality night vision video cameras.  

"For Peace Of Mind, You Need To Know The Truth! And A Video Tape Does Not Lie!"


GPS Tracking

If your name is on the vehicle's title, we can track the vehicle and the subject's comings and goings. This is very useful in cases of Marital and Domestic Surveillance.

We offer a wide variety of services to Companies, The Legal Profession, Fellow Investigators and The General Public. If you require an investigative service that you don't see listed, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs. If we don't provide that particular service, we can usually direct you to someone who does. We serve north and south Florida, primarily Jackonville, West Palm Beach - and those areas surrounding West Palm Beach, Tampa, and everywhere in between.